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Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

Image #537

American Air Museum Photoshoot
17th October 2001

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Inside the B-17: The midsection gun is nearest the camera. Ahead, you can see the rounded top of the ball turret (behind the red thing). You have to walk around the edge of this to get to the front- through the very narrow gap which you can just see in this picture, behind the black column holding the ball turret on. When you go through this gap, you're standing on a thin I-beam, leading across the bomb bay. If you fall off- you're toast, as the bomb bay doors aren't strong enough to take a person's weight. And you have to be on the thin side to get past the walls of switchgear before reaching the cockpit... Seeing this really makes you appreciate the difficult conditions the guys must have operated in during the war.

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