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Jaipur: Amber Fort part 2

Here we look at the wonderful interiors of some of the buildings before going back outside.

The website of the stained glass restorer is here.

A glorious mirrored interior. This meant that one candle could effectively light a whole room.

Detail of the ceiling

A mirrored cloisterway

Part of the cloister wall decoration

Coloured paper forms this wall decoration

More colour and light in this room, which was sealed off from visitors.

Stained glass, recently restored.

Painted walls in the Maharani's summer palace

This is not a fireplace, but a water cooler. The water would flow down the metal grille and along the channel to cool the room.

A large garden below the main fort, in the lake area. Note all the tourist buses parked up opposite!

Outside the Fort again, we find blue houses and temples

A close up of the temples

A car ride away from the fort is a larger lake, with this water palace. There is apparently a tunnel connecting this with the Fort and would have been used by the Maharaja and Maharani to keep themselves away from the public and/or assassins.

Click to see the VR Moview of the Jaipur Amber Fort from the road below (180°-ish, 1.6MB))

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