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Lal Mahal Palace

This was not an attraction, but our place to stay in Jaipur! It lies about 16km out of the city, on a slight rise, in the middle of nowhere with clean air all around. It was built as a summer hunting lodge at the end of the 18th Century by Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh Ji, and is apparently still owned by the Maharaja today. It only opened as a hotel in January 2006 after extensive refurbishment and is really worlds apart from the bog standard hotel you find anywhere else.

We were lucky enough to have a choice of rooms, or we could have had a tent! This isn't an advert by the way, just a glowing report from a very satisfied customer. You can see more photos at the hotel's website, here.

Lal Mahal Palace building. Our room backed onto the further bay window at ground level.

Tents line each side of the grounds. They have air conditioning and tiled bathrooms - they looked great.

The swimming pool, with marigolds for decoration

The main corridor. You can see our room doors on the left.

The door at the end of the corridor, looking back in.

The open-fronted lounge

Our bedroom, which they told us was the finest room in the palace, and we saw no reason to disagree! There is a lot more than I can show in one picture. (no, I hadn't made the bed when I took the picture. Too bad!)

Entertainments were laid on during the evening as we were so far out of town. These musicians played for a long time. We stayed two nights and this was on the first, when we were accompanied by a lot of other guests. On the second night it was just us three, so we were entertained by a young musician and his younger dancer brother whilst we ate dinner.

The musicians were later joined by dancers once everyone had eaten.

The dancers and musicians.

Opposite is the hillside, which is dotted with structures such as this fort.

This magnificent residence is occupied; we could see lights on at night. The spot of colour above the dome is a trio of flags on a pole. There is one heck of a steep driveway/scramble up to this place. Go up and look at the tent picture again - you can just see the white splash on the hillside.

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These photos ©2006 Jo & Alan Hunter - please ask before using elsewhere - thank you.