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Random people

Here's a couple of people that don't quite fit elsewhere in the site.

We saw this snake charmer in Delhi. He was waiting for tourists near the India Gate.

Here he is again. I hope his cobra is not as ferocious as it looks.

In Jaipur especially, there were kites everywhere. In the trees, the power lines, on peoples' roofs, scattered around the streets, in bushes; everywhere. Most of the afternoon and evening, you could see people flying them in all kinds of different bright colours.

Two women walk by the lakeside opposite Amber Fort in Jaipur

This man was at the Turban Museum in Jaipur. NB: To Western eyes, the swastika on the wall behind is going to look strange. Don't worry about it - the symbol was a Hindu mark of prosperity and fertility a long, long time before the Nazis corrupted it. You can see it on buildings all over India. It is in several other pictures on this site if you look for it.

He shows us the length of his moustaches.

Here is the length of the turban before he puts it on - six metres of cloth. The cabinets behind are all filled with different styles and wraps of turban.

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