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Qutab Minar Tower

This tower stands in a mosque complex at Qutab in Delhi. Delhi was invaded by Afghanistan forces led by Muhammed Ghori in 1191. Ghori soon returned to Afghanistan and left his slave Qutb-ud-din Aibak in charge. Aibak declared himself Sunlatn of Delhi on Ghori's death in 1206. He then demolished Hindu and Jain temples in order to use the stone to build two mosques, of which this complex is the sole survivor. The tower was started in 1200AD as a mark of Islamic dominance in Delhi. Aibak died in 1210, and the tower was finished in 1220 by his son in law Illtutmish.

Qutab Minar tower framed by one of the many surrounding archways. This is a blend of three images.

The first stage of the tower, covered in glorious carvings.

A cloister-like covered area with many columns lies near the base of the tower.

Archways are a large feature here

A concrete dome caps some of the ruins.

Some of the stone carvings on the walls

Looking up at one of the archways

A stone window in the side of an archway

Many parrots are resident here!

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