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Stained Glass

In the autumn of 2006, I took at stained glass course at Blue Moon Glassworks here in Austin. It was very enjoyable. Here are the things I have made. Most have been given away as presents so this record is as much for me as it is for you, the curious visitor!

My first panel and to date, the only one I have made in lead. I'll do more when I have some suitable space - it gets messy. This is about 16 inches across.

My second panel. This is made in copper foil. We had to make one of each type on the course. About eight inches width.

This was the first thing I made to my own design. I based it on my epicycloid patterns - this is a three-node one. (6")

I made some stars to give away as Christmas presents. (3-5")

This is a Pelican for some Louisiana friends - it's their state emblem. We gave them this at New Year. (6")

And a Texas star for some other friends, made at the same time. (5")

A Cessna-based aeroplane design, started in February, finished March 8th! (there was a reason for this delay!). (8")

Here's the reason the Cessna got delayed! A panel featuring my mother's cats for her birthday. My biggest and most complex panel to date - 87 pieces, two month's work (on and off, it could have been quicker). (11"x13") Click to see how this one was made

Had an enforced break while we moved house; it took a while to get set up again. Here's a fish completed in June, about 9 inches from nose to tail:

And a mirror, finished in July, this is 8x7 inches.

Our friend Jessica saw the fish I made and liked it, so I made her one:

Which gave me good practise (and an excuse to modify the pattern) before I made this one for Sarah:

Our shooting buddies Larry and Neil have been kind enough to lend us their equipment for months on end, so I made them an exploding clay pigeon each:

Only one glass Christmas present this year, a suncatcher for Alan's folks:

I tried my hand at a couple of 3D objects. One of our solar garden lights broke so I took the innards and made a glass shell for it. There's an LED inside which lights up at night and shines through the glass. The other thing is a pyramid which was harder to finish, being a closed object. (made a bit of a hash of it really, need more practise at this one!)