ISAP 2018

Back in March, I had the great pleasure of attending the International Society of Aviation Photography’s 2018 Symposium in Tucson, Arizona. These events are always excellent. It is great to be able to catch up with friends there, and make new ones.


We had two field trips – the first one took us out to Marana airport to the west of Tucson, at which there is a civilian boneyard filled with fire bombers and A-4s, amongst other things. Later that evening, we watched the sun set over Pima Air & Space Museum, which is an aviation enthusiast’s candy store, full of rare and unusual flying machines. Oh, and the place is huge. The second trip saw us back at Pima from dawn until early afternoon, at which time we did the bus tour around the AMARG “Boneyard” – where military airframes get put into storage until such time as they are either re-used or scrapped. 


Photos from this excellent adventure are here:


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