About Jo

This is the part where I’m supposed to write flowing words in the third person. 


Yeah OK. I am a photographer. Originally from the United Kingdom, I’ve spent the last ten years in Central Texas. I’ve spent the last fifteen or twenty years chasing aircraft. I’ve done some air-to-air photography. I have been published in a bunch of magazines and journals from around the world *. I made a book. I make shiny glass art (Wavytail).


Jo’s images have been published a number of magazines around the world, including:
Today’s Pilot, Airforces Monthly, Model Aviation Canada, Airshow 2003, Flypast, EAA Oshkosh Programme 2005, Classic Wings, Go Flying!, Loop, Air International, Fly-Low, Jets Monthly, Fly-Fast, Aeroplane Monthly, Atlantic Flyer and ESPN Magazine.


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