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Buda, Texas, weather forecast

Current Weather in Buda, Texas

US/Imperial EU/Metric
Time19:48:00 Local17th April 201900:48:00 UTC
Temperature75.8 °F24 °C
Dew Point71.6 °F22 °C
Humidity87 %87 %
Pressure29.53 in/Hg
1000.1 mb
Wind Speed1 mph2 kmh
Solar Radiation5 W/m25 W/m2
UV Index0.00.0

Estimated cloudbase: (if clouds are present): 900 ft
Forecast: Mostly cloudy and cooler. Precipitation possible within 12 hours, possibly heavy at times. Windy.
In short: Mostly cloudy, rain within 12 hours.

Rainfall Today: 0.00 in
Last 24 hours: 0.00 in
This month: 1.73 in
This year: 5.84 in
Last good rain: 13 Apr 2019 (0.27 in)

Barometer: Falling Slowly


08-Mar-2016 16:59:42
The eagle-eyed will notice a new menu option on the left there; for Bloomsky weather. This is a new weather station that knows about temperature, humidity, pressure, UV, and it has a camera in it. This means you can get a look at the sky conditions above our house, and watch time-lapse videos from the last five days. The camera is active from sunrise to sunset.

17-Jul-2015 16:52:54
I don't know if anyone noticed, but we haven't had wind speed readings for some months. And a few weeks ago, a large bird must have sat on the anemometer again since it's now tilted at 45 degrees to vertical. And since it's on the roof, it is pretty much inaccessible. So I ordered a new one, and have installed it at the top of the pole on which the other sensors are located; about eight feet off the ground. It might not be quite as accurate as a sensor 30 feet up, but it's a lot better than no readings at all.

02-Feb-2014 17:27:35
We are back in business! The new transmitter unit finally arrived and is now installed. Hopefully all will be well from now on.

09-Jan-2014 17:25:44
Something has attacked the outdoor sensors; the transmitter unit door was open and the whole box loose on the mount. We have lost readings for all outdoor weather except wind (since that is a separate unit). I'm trying to dry out the circuit board over the next couple of days since it was soaking wet - I assume that is why we lost readings - but if that doesn't work we will have to order a new one. Stay tuned...

10-Jan-2013 15:37:51
The tilt on the wind sensor has been fixed.... I am hoping it is still pointing in the same direction. I think it is. So at least the wind speed should be accurate again.

17-Dec-2012 12:16:29
We have replaced the failed anemometer transmitter unit, and we now have wind speed readings again!

13-Dec-2012 10:10:32
Moved to new software: WeatherCat - which has much more comprehensive reporting and data export, enabling us to reactivate this website properly. New wind sensor is on order.

Disclaimer: This weather is provided by Jo Hunter for the benefit of those who wish to know.
Weather information from this website should not be used for aviation or marine activities.
Please consult official weather sources for operational purposes.
Uptime: 67:07:29

1 MPH from the  (185 °)

Twilight Times (Local)
Astronomical: 10:40
Nautical: 11:10
Civil: 11:39
Sunrise: 12:03
Sunset: 00:59
Civilian: 01:24
Nautical: 01:53
Astronomical: 02:23
Daylight: 12:58 hours

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Random Weather Fact: A fire rainbow is an extremely rare phenomenon that occurs only when the sun is high allowing its light to pass through high-altitude cirrus clouds with a high content of ice crystals.